Jamaica Rastafarian Development Community

The Jamaica Rastafarian Development Community (JRDC) School grew out of the need and effort of early Settlers in Shashamane concerned with the Education of their Children in a non-English speaking environment. Between 1975 and 1997, Brothers Donald “Flippins” Leach and Karl Hamilton offered the basics of Education in their Homes to the Children of the Settlers.

The History of Shashamane

In appreciation of the efforts of the African Diaspora to preserve Ethiopia’s freedom and sovereignty, Emperor Haile Selassie I, through the Ethiopian World Federation, Inc., promulgated this gift of land in 1948, known as the Shashamene-Malkoda Land Grant, given exactly seven years after the liberation of Ethiopia and His return from exile in 1941.

Donate and Make a Difference!

Our Sponsorship pledge Drive of having 400 Students sponsored @ $100 each per Year is meant to cover the $40,000 annual operating Budget and stabilize the School. A little bit even makes a big difference in the lives of the children.