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Sponsorship Drive

It costs U.S. $40,000 to fund the annual operating Budget of the School, which serves a Student population of 450 and a paid Staff of 36, including 29 Teachers. Here in the USA, this cost represents the Salary of one qualified Teacher, which is an indication of how far our small but significant collective contribution can go toward the Education of less fortunate Children in Ethiopia.

As a practical and simple way of lessening the load on the small few, who have borne the brunt of funding the School and keeping it alive since 2002; and as a way of making it easier and less cumbersome for others to help, we have concluded that by launching a Pledge Drive to have 400 of the 450 Students sponsored at U.S. $100 each annually, we can assist the already established and functioning School to attain a greater degree of self-sustained development within the next 3 to 5 Years. We will post on both our Website and Face Book page, a running tally of the number of Students sponsored along with the Name of each Sponsor, unless unanimity is requested. This way, all will be aware of how the Drive is progressing.

I would like to make a contribution to the JRDC Kindergarten & Elementary School Sponsorship Drive plus transaction fee:

Shashamane Foundation, Inc.
Download this form: shashamane_donate2.pdf
And mail this form directly to:

The Shashamane Foundation Inc.
P.O. Box  5845 РTakoma Park, Maryland  20913 РU.S.A.

* Includes $5.00 Credit Card Transaction Fees

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