While our Sponsorship pledge Drive of having 400 Students sponsored @ $100 each per Year is meant to cover the $40,000 annual operating Budget and stabilize the School, our current 5-Year Business Plan/Project Proposal (2012-2016) calls for additional funding as follows:

  1. The acquisition of an 18-passenger Bus at a cost of U.S. $50,000, which will generate enough Income to make the School completely self-sufficient, as is.
  2. Obtaining a Grant of U.S. $250,000 to be placed in a low-risk investment Trust, which at even 13.5% interest rate will generate roughly U.S. $36.500 per year; enough to fund 91% of the school’s annual operating budget.

$25 (USD)

$50 (USD)

$100 (USD)

$200 (USD)

$300 (USD)

$500 (USD)

$1000 (USD)

$2000 (USD)

$ 5000 (USD)

$ Any Amount (USD)

If you would like to send a check please make payable to the:

Shashamane Foundation, Inc.
And mail this form directly to:
The Shashamane Foundation Inc.
P.O. Box 5845  – Takoma Park, Maryland 20913 U.S. A
Tel: (301) 213-2818 or (202) 590-9000

Sponsorship Drive

It costs U.S. $40,000 to fund the annual operating Budget of the School, which serves a Student population of 450 and a paid Staff of 36, including 29 Teachers. Here in the USA, this cost represents the Salary of one qualified Teacher, which is an indication of how far our small but significant collective contribution …

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