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August 8, 2014

One of the main challenges that confront educational institutions is securing funding and achieving sustainability.  Since educational institutions are either supported by Public or or Private funding, or as a business charge fees, these institutions are dependent on any of these or a combination of all for its survival.

The JRDC school for the past 13 years has survived not by Government/ Public funding or school fees but by the Grace and Love of the Most High God ,working through the willing hearts of receptive grass-roots supporters.

As no charitable institution funds a program indefinitely without ensuring measures of sustainability are put in place, we have been laboring with the JRDC on the ground to institute measures that would lessen their dependability. As the education was free for the Elementary students for over 13 years and the responsibility been borne by just a few consistent supporters, it was seen only fitting for the NGO on the ground to ask the authorities there to allow a limited school fee to be charged to students at the beginning of the school year in September 20, 2013 . This  would cover approximately 50% of the Annual Operational budget of $2400. (This percentage generated on the ground could increase depending upon amount of students enrolled and paying).

We have also been seeking the donation of a 18 seat passenger bus, to be managed and operated by the JRDC between Shashamane and Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.  This we calculate would generate funds for the operation and expansion of the school. Several other income generating programs are also being studied to be put in place.

However immediately we need even a limited amount of  individuals or groups that can commit to donating at least $50 per month ( though  not limited to) so we can  secure the % needed to assist the school in meeting its commitment to its staff.

 This can be done by visiting our website at www.shashamane.org  and using our Pay-Pal , mailing  information or by contacting us at 301-213-2818, and /or 202 590 900.
Last month we managed to secure and send $850.00 Thanks be to the Most High God working through the hearts of 8 supporters and a loan to us. We had needed $1200 total. We are praying for assistance to send this budgeted amount before the 28th of October 2014.

May the Most High God allow us to keep this , the only visible institution built and maintained by the Rastafarian community and persons of goodwill, in Shashamane, Ethiopia, alive.

Karl Phillpotts
President, Shashamane Foundation.

Financial History

Shashamane Foundation 2013 Income Statement (PDF)

History of Donations Received By The JRDC (Ethiopia) 2000-2012 (PDF)

History of Donations Received By the Shashamane Foundation (U.S.) 2000-2012 (PDF)

5-Year Project Document (2014-2018) (PDF)

14th Annual Fundraising Dinner and Fashion Show

The Shashamane Settlement Community Development Foundation, held its 14th Annual Fundraising Dinner and Fashion show at the Brookland Senior Day Care in Washington D.C on November 22, 2014. The Foundation has assisted to build and maintain a KG and Elementary school in Shashamane, Ethiopia, educating approximately over 3000 children over 14 years and employing over …

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