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14th Annual Fundraising Dinner and Fashion Show

The Shashamane Settlement Community Development Foundation, held its 14th Annual Fundraising Dinner and Fashion show at the Brookland Senior Day Care in Washington D.C on November 22, 2014.

The Foundation has assisted to build and maintain a KG and Elementary school in Shashamane, Ethiopia, educating approximately over 3000 children over 14 years and employing over 30 members of staff.
At this event Divine Providence had it that the former and last President of the Haile Selassie 1 University was the keynote speaker and handed out appreciation awards to outstanding contributors to the building and survival of the JRDC (Jamaica Rastafarian Development Community) school in Shashamane.

In his address Dr. Akilleu Habte spoke of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie’s contribution in educating not only him and generations of Ethiopians, but also his reaching out beyond the borders of Ethiopia to grant over 200 scholarships to students throughout the African continent. He spoke of Haile Selassie’s extraordinary gift in interviewing his countrymen and discerning and encouraging them into fields that the nation needed and where their gifts could be most fruitful. He gave himself as one example of a young man encouraged into the field of education by His Imperial Majesty to replace foreign expatriates, and how this advice channeled his destiny to be President of the Haile Selassie 1 University.

Dr. Akilleu expressed that he was also convinced that it was Haile Selassie’s vision that led him to grant the gift of land in Shashamane , that today there is a school built by the recipients of this gift, educating children in that region and keeping the torch of Pan-Africanism live.
He expressed his deep gratitude on behalf of His former Emperor and Ethiopians for the contribution being made by the Shashamane Foundation and the Rastafari community to his country and the noble ideals of Pan Africanism. He encouraged his audience in particular the youths of African descent to peruse the sciences and technology particularly, but in the arts and literature they should rewrite their own. “The history of Haile Selassie and our history has not yet been written” said the President and he encouraged us to rise to the challenge to write our own History ( in our own vocab, ‘Ourstory’)

The photos supplied I hope will tell the rest of the story of the memorable occasion.
We are thankful first and foremost to the Almighty for His grace in working through the hearts of grassroots supporters in making a success story in Africa and sustaining this school that represents the only visible institution built and maintained in Shashamane by the Rastafari and international Pan African community of goodwill.
For further information on the Shashamane Foundation please visit us on the web at www.shashamane.org or call us on 202 590 9000 or 301 213 2818.

Karl Phillpots
President, Shashamane Foundation.

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