2018 Newsletter Volume 3

The Shashamane Foundation expresses its gratitude first and foremost to The Most High God for allowing us grace and mercy for this 18th year of working in Shashamane, Ethiopia. We cannot fail to acknowledge the guiding hand of the Almighty in enabling us to successfully carry out our duty and responsibility in fulfilling some of the ‘legitimate aspirations of the unfortunate many’. We are also forever grateful to our humble partners, supporters, families , volunteers and all persons of goodwill who have stood with us to make this effort a success story of the building and maintaining of an educational institution in Ethiopia. With your passionate support over these 18years you have been an active contributor in developing young minds that will become the future leaders of the region and make a positive contribution to the Ethiopian economy. Since our last 2017 Newsletter , the Jamaican Rastafarian Development School that we partner with and support, has been increasingly blessed by your support as illustrated in the following report.