Summary of Accomplishments JRDC School Project 2016-2017

  1. A completed computer Lab for students with Wi-Fi access
  2. The donation of 82 new seating desks.
  3. The repair of our KG facility by Sister Suzanna Curtis
  4. The painting of the Elementary building by Sis Crystal Pittman.
  5. The conducting of 2 workshops for the JRDC Teachers by Sis Valerie Phillpotts
  6. The addition to Staff of a certified English language Teacher.
  7. Sis Idama Kefentse , (visiting Volunteer teacher, Dec 2017) returned to USA and raised funds to purchase over 500
  8. Text books, and funds to install a water tank to improve the water situation.
  9. Contributions of school supplies from visiting Reggae artist Sis Tasha T from Canada
  10. The School was enabled to award incremental salary increases to its teaching staff