Letter to our Supporters

29 August 2020 


The Shashamane Foundation sends thanks to all who have supported its educational project of the Jamaica Rastafari Development Community (JRDC) now in existence for over 20 years.

We send our condolences to the families in Ethiopia who lost loved ones, homes and property during the recent upheavals.

We are thankful to God Most High for holding the nation together and for people of goodwill whose prayers for peace and reconciliation He has heard and whose pains He sees.

We are sorry for the loss of educational institution but we are also thankful to God again that the JRDC school has been spared, its children, families and staff.

Amidst these challenges of turmoil and the Coved 19 pandemic we of the Shashamane Foundation have not lost hope or desire in our mission to assist the youth and parents of Shashamane, Ethiopia. In fact to the contrary we have redoubled our prayers and efforts as the challenges for educational institutions have increased in demand with the loss of other ones that served over 5000 children and so many teachers and parents are out of jobs.

Even during the current pandemic and civil unrest the JRDC school,  like all other schools, are under “stay at home” guidelines, its staff is still serving the students educational needs by  preparing and distributing educational packages, which are distributed to students at home.

We are still obligated to contribute to the operational budget and staff salaries every month.

Please visit our website www.shashamane.org and see our Donation log that has recorded every contribution of all who have contributed through our foundation to this effort since the year 2003.

We are still trying our best to meet the 60% of the monthly and annual budget even in the present crisis and are calling once again upon all persons of goodwill and ability to assist us in developing and maintaining this school that serves over 400 students ( and now about to increase drastically in numbers when school reopens) and 32 members of staff. Our Annual Fundraiser event scheduled for October 17 has been cancelled because of the Pandemic. We are hoping to do one virtually this year

Please allow us to list your contribution alongside those in our donation log.

Donations can be made through our Pay Pal on our website or through our Shashamane Facebook  page.

You may also mail checks and money orders to:

The Shashamane Foundation, PO Box 5845, Takoma Park, 20913, USA.

Ethiopia yesterday, today and forever.


It is both the duty and responsibility of the worlds fortunate few to help fulfill the legitimate aspirations of the unfortunate many.  –  HIM Haile Selassie I