KG Building Construction Update

Greetings Shashamane Foundation Team. Peace to your House!

Our Foundation and  our beneficiaries, the JRDC school project  in Shashamane, are forever grateful for your support in keeping hope alive for this African community.

As all are aware we have been doing our best to see the Kindergarden building project off to a good start and running. To accomplish this we raised and dispatched approximately $10,000 in December 2020. Since then we have dispached  approximately $6500 in 2021 as our contribution for Salleries fo the school’s staff. Please see report attached.

    • Phase 1 has been completed and we are thankful to The Most High God for allowing this.
    • Phase 2 involves the roofing and rendering estimated at  $3,800. Towards this end  Sis Valerie Phillpotts and myself have donated  $1000 for 156  sheets of zinc towards the roofing.

We need to secure at least $2800 more in funding  to purchase lumber and other materials to complete roofing , rendering and labour cost, for this second phase. This would be an encouraging accomplishment to garner even more support for its final completion. Bro Ras Adam Fellman has pledged  matching  funds up to $1000. So again we are asking whosoever can, whatever you donate up to $1000 will be matched. We will endeavour to keep you apprised as we approach our goal.
You may go to where you may donate through ‘Stripe’ or Pay Pal @ or mail in check or Money order to  Shashamane Foundation’  PO BOX 5845, Takoma Park, Maryland 20913, USA. 
Thanks again for your assistance and consideration. Please pass on to those in your network.
 Bro Karl Phillpotts.
If you need to learn and see more, please view link interview on Shashamane Foundation below,