About Us

The Shashamane Foundation is a U.S. based tax-exempt organization, established in 1998, to operate exclusively for charitable, educational, scientific and other non-profitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Service Revenue code of 1986, as amended.

The general mission of foundation is to support charitable humanitarian causes throughout the world, with a focus on particular areas of education, healthcare, housing, agriculture, trade, social welfare, sports and recreation.

Shashamane Foundation’s historic Support Team

The Primary Mission of the Foundation is:

  1. To promote awareness of,and organize developmental support for the Shashamane land grant settlement community in Ethiopia, East Africa.
  2. To sponsor, promote and engage in fundraising activities to further the purpose of the Foundation.
  3. To support and contribute to various charitable organizations and causes in the U.S.A and elsewhere, whose objectives are in harmony with the goals of the Foundation.
  4. To publish and distribute newsletters and other literature concerning the Foundation.
  5. To develop means and methods of establishing self-help and other community enriching programs such as; farming, well drilling, building construction, sports & recreation, solar & wind energy, education, healthcare and import/export etc.
  6. To identify and recruit honest, sincere, concerned, interested and willing individuals for volunteer work. Such individuals will directly contribute their individual and collective professional skills and resources to the foundation in pursuit of the stated objectives.

The primary focus of the foundation since its founding in 1998 has been:

  1. To support the Educational Project of the Jamaican Rastafarian Development Community Organization ( JRDC) a local Non-Governmental community organization in Ethiopia, wherein we serve as the primary financial sponsor of their ongoing educational project, the JRDC Kindergarten & Elementary School in Shashamane.  This has been made made possible by the ongoing financial and material support of hundreds of private goodwill donors and contributors worldwide.


Text Books donated through efforts of Sis Idama Kefentse and her fundraising events in  N.Y. along with  Reggae Artists and grassroots supporters. These ongoing efforts have also raised funds for a water tank facility and for the school’s budget.


Shashamane Foundation President with JRDC NGO School Staff in Shashamane, Ethiopia January 2020.


  • Karl Phillpotts, President
  • Shoareged Phillpotts, Vice President
  • Roy McPherson, Executive Secretary
  • Zannabe Henry, Treasurer
  • Valerie Phillpotts, Board member
  • Crystal Pittman, Board Member (Ethiopia)


Karl Phillpotts, President  of Foundation and Roy McPherson, Executive Secretary at 2019 Fundraising Event.


Sister Valerie Phillpotts; MC, Caterer/Chef, and Fashion Show Director of Fundraisers.

Cast of models at 2019 Fundraiser in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.