Donation Logs

The Shashamane Settlement Community Development Foundation (SSCDF) aka Shashamane Foundation  donation log, reflects as accurately as possible, transparency and accountability of all donor names and amount donated in each particular year to our Foundation  between 2000 and 2015. These donations have also been certified by the Internal Revenue Service in our Income Tax Files.
Any donor who by chance of accounting oversight or error has not seen their name or amount donated in any particular year please contact us immediately.
Anyone who wishes to have their name taken down and be listed as “anonymous” please also contact us.

Shashamane Foundation Income Statement 2017

Shashamane Foundation Donation Log 2000-2016



Donations that have not been sent through our Foundation but directly donated in Ethiopia on the ground  to the JRDC NGO have been recorded by our Foundation as the JRDC Donation log, in Ethiopian currency, ET Bir. These donations we have also monitored in working closely and cooperatively  with our JRDC partners on the ground, who are also accountable to the Ethiopian Government Auditors.


JRDC Donation log (Birr) 2000-2016

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