Giving Tuesday 2019


It’s that time of year again – Thanksgiving is just around the corner, a day-long recognized as the day we come together with family to give thanks for all of the blessings received during the year.

In that spirit, The Shashamane Foundation expresses its gratitude first and foremost to The Most High God for allowing us grace and mercy to survive and progress over these 19 years in our endeavor to assist this Jamaican Rastafarian Development Community (JRDC) Educational Project in Shashamane, Ethiopia.

We are also forever grateful to our humble partners, supporters, families, volunteers, and grassroots organizations who have stood with us to make this effort a success story of the building and maintaining of an educational institution in a needy part of the world community, through the sacrificial giving of humble people.

With the collective efforts of our grassroots supporters, a valuable contribution has been made through educating and graduating over 1,500 youth over this period to higher academic pursuits or who are currently making valuable contributions to their region’s labor force. Please follow and view the video testimonials of some of these graduates and their parents, the beneficiaries of this charitable #Givingisliving project.

As we ramp up to #GivingTuesday December 3, 2019, we are calling upon the international community of well-wishers to assist us in our goal of sustainability by contributing to any or all of our needy prioritized project areas.

  1. The securing and maintaining of qualified and certified Teachers through donations, enabling Shashamane Foundation’s pledged contribution of 60% of the JRDC staff budget for this school year, which totals USD $30,000.
  2. The building of a new concrete Kindergarten 3 classroom facility to replace the depreciated and outmoded existing one. This would greatly improve and upgrade the KG learning facility and the ability of students to learn more and teachers to perform efficiently and effectively. Current estimated cost of facility is $20,000.
  3. The Upgrading of Science Lab: $2000
  4. The improvement of recreational facilities: $2000

Total Goal for our fundraising drive is $54,000.

May the Most High continue to bless the work of our hands and crown them with ever-increasing success.



President Shashamane Foundation




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