Giving Tuesday 2020


Greetings, from the Shashamane Foundation to our Global Family.

It is our earnest prayer that all our students, parents, staff, Board members of the Jamaican Rastafarian Development Community School, and the whole Shashamane / Ethiopian/ African/ Diaspora and the international community, endure and overcome the current pandemic that is afflicting the earth. We can assist in helping in this challenge, by working together in “One Love”. This we boldly pray in the precious and worthy name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We send our heartfelt condolences to all who have lost loved ones and friends, either because of this pandemic or other related causes. We continue to pray for assistance for all in need,   in particular for the poorer developing nations of the world, that lack the developed infrastructure to tackle this invisible enemy. We pray the Most High God will continue to reveal to them and to all of us, the natural remedies and immune-boosting herbs He has provided by His gift of nature. In Ethiopia as in most countries of the world, the government has put in place preventative measures, such as the closings of all schools.

The JRDC School Update

The JRDC School that we help to sponsor has been closed for almost 6 weeks. Non-Public schools’ staff and students have been greatly affected by the national shutdown. There is no affluent personal virtual access. Privately funded schools are dependent upon monthly school fees. However, through the Grace of Our Most High God working through our families and a few generous committed supporters, the Shashamane Foundation was able to send a significant portion of the salaries for staff for these two consecutive months, March and April 2020. We are so thankful to The Most High that even during such a time of need He has allowed us to survive.

Our Foundation has committed to assist with 60% of the schools’ budget and the parents have committed under the NGO Charity guidelines ‘’‘shared cost clause’’’- to pay marginal fees to garner the other 40%. However, as school has been closed, none of their 40% has been forthcoming during the closure.

As #GIVINGTUSDAYNOW approaches in less than a week, May 5th, (also Ethiopian Liberation Day Anniversary) this group, #GivingTuesday, has made another call to help those affected with this pandemic. We recognize the Staff at the JRDC school and students as one of those seriously affected and threatened, and there is also no ‘virtual classes’ available to facilitate learning. This is one door of opportunity to “Stand in the Gap” that needs to be filled. We are calling again on those who are able to make a contribution to help The Shashamane Foundation assist the JRDC staff to meet their basic needs and the school’s developmental goals for 2020. These are listed in our Support Team “wish list” found on our website. Please remember to give on Tuesday 5th of May 2020 #GIVINGTUESDAYNOW. Please visit us on and donate there either through:

You may also mail donations in the form of a check or Money Order, to:
The Shashamane Foundation, P.O. Box 5845 Takoma Park, Maryland 20913, USA.

President Shashamane Foundation