Facility Upgrade

With an annual operational budget of $43,000 USD and total dependancy on outside support for its survival there is an urgent need for the school to attain a greater level of self-sufficiency. This can be done by attracting parents and students at all levels and offering a 1st class education. to achieve this good facilities are a must.


JRDC School is now required by the Bureau of Education to relocate their Kindergarten School facility in an area separated by specified distance, from the Elementary School facility. This old 20 year old KG facility is outmoded and its materials of traditional wattle and dab have depreciated to the extent that it is not practical to be removed and materials reused.

In order to facilitate the KG students a new and modern 3 classroom concrete facility is needed to be constructed on the same premises but at a specified distance from the Elementary Facility.

This new KG facility is estimated to cost a total of $18,000 or $6,000 per room.

Donors to this building will have their personal names or name of their organization enshrined on this building as a memorial to their contribution.


Once being the innovators science in the world, It’s been a recurring refrain: Africa still lags woefully behind the rest of the world in generating new scientific knowledge. Small steps lead toward greater outcomes for the youth. Critical issues such as global warming, agriculture, energy, water and sanitation can be solved by using young African minds; but it all begins by pricking their interest at a young age. Their interest in the sciences can begin with a small investment into their future. Science kits are needed for Grade 7 and 8 Students to include microscope and testing chemicals.


Play equipment can encourage children to be more active, building their muscle groups and fine motor skills in the process. Swings, slides, climbers and other types of equipment encourage children to develop their balance, speed, agility and coordination. Getting kids in the habit of exercise and making it a fun activity can help encourage kids to stay active throughout their lives.

Repair of Play area and equipment for safety and recreational activities of the Kindergarten Children.
Total Cost : $1000