The Teachers Fund

Our U.S.A. Based Shashamane Foundation face the challenge and have assumed the responsibility of subsidizing and underwriting 60% or $25,800 Annually = $2,150 per month of the operational budget of the JRDC school.. This is a formidable ongoing challenge for our grassroots fundraising efforts through our community of friends, family and well wishers.

Can you become one of 50 dedicated monthly partners with the Shashamane Foundation and commit $45 each month which could easily cover this 60% cost for 2019 ?

Let us demonstrate to all what a few committed individuals can do for so many in need.

Or can you be even one of 250 giver participants , giving $100 each ?

JRDC Office Supply Fund | $20 Monthly

Commit to assisting JRDC in buying their monthly classroom and office supplies.