Thank you for your generous support!

New Kindergarten Building Project

The Shashamane Foundations is forever grateful for your generous support on Giving Tuesday. We give thanks to God for his grace towards our educational project in Ethiopia and to you his chosen instruments of support.

With your donations on Giving Tuesday via Facebook we raised $8,619.94. Through PayPal, we received an additional $460 which brought us to a Grand Total of $9,079.94.  We are closer to our fundraising goal for the JRDC NGO School in Shashamane, Ethiopia, Annual Operational Budget of $30,000 and $20,000 for the construction of a modern kindergarten classroom state of the art facility.

According to Facebook, we will know the exact amount matched and begin to receive pay out to the Shashamane Foundation’s account in January 2021. Still ahead of us is our drive to accomplish the remainder of our fundraising goal of $40,920.06. We are still accepting donations to further support our goal in the upcoming year 2021.

How to Further Donate:

a.) PayPal

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b.) Text GIVE to (301) 245-7056

Once you text you will receive a prompt to follow. Donations by text are also serviced by PayPal


c.) Mail
Checks or money orders payable to Shashamane Foundation PO Box 5845 Takoma Park, Maryland 20913