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The Shashamane Foundation is a charitable organization established in 1998 in the USA. It is certified as a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt entity under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code to operate exclusively for charitable, educational and other non-profitable causes within the meaning of the aforementioned code.


We are committed to the core principles and values of love and respect for humanity , honesty, integrity, faithfulness, responsibility, transparency, accountability and in general, well-doing.


Since the year 2000, the Shashamane Foundation has been focusing on an educational project in a specific developing African country, Ethiopia, in the town of Shashamane. Much of our efforts have also been focused on bringing awareness to the international community about the significance of Shashamane. In the year 1948, 500 acres of land was granted by His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie 1, to the Black people of the Diaspora, on behalf of the Government and people of Ethiopia. This land-grant was given out of gratitude for their enthusiastic support to Ethiopia during the Italian Facist occupation in 1937. One of our priorities is to garner support for Shashamane and the development of this particular Land-Grant Settler community in Ethiopia. We have to this end worked closely with the Jamaica Rastafari Development Community, a local community NGO Charity on the ground in Ethiopia. Our Foundation has worked with this local charity to establish and operate their educational project , namely the JRDC KG and Elementary School.

With our support this Kindergarten and Elementary educational institution has grown from a traditional style zinc shed and wattle and daub building (Chika mud hut) with 3 members of staff and less than 30 students in the year 2000, into a modern 11 classroom concrete building, and a student population of approximately 400, a paid staff of 35 and annual operational budget of roughly $55,000. Since its inception, the Shashamane Foundation has been the primary funder and channel of other donors to this JRDC School. We rely primarily on private goodwill financial contributions from our families, friends and supporters, to carry out this important work. In addition to funding the larger portion of the budget, our board-members are an integral part of the operation of the school and play a very important management oversight role, even from a long distance. We have established a solid track record of being a prudent custodian of every penny we have received from our supporters in support of the school.


  1. Karl Phillpotts, President
  2. Mumbie Carter, Vice President
  3. Roy McPherson, Executive Secretary
  4. Zannabe Henry, Treasurer
  5. Valerie Phillpotts
  6. Crystal Pittman
  7. Anthony Lee
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